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Côte des Bars

The Côte des Bars is the most southern vineyard in the Champagne appellation.  A region previously identified more with Burgundy than with Champagne, it is a natural extension of vineyards producing the great wines of Chablis.

Soils type

Clay and limestone are important characteristics of our diverse soils. Our Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc Vrai draw their wealth and opulence from these distinctive soil conditions.

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Celles sur Ource

All of our vineyards are rooted on the sunny slopes of the Ource Valley, in the heart of the village of Celles-sur-Ource.  Located at the junction of the Laignes, Seine, Ource, and Arce river valleys, this microclimate offers a variety of soils and unusual exposure.

Celles sur Ource Celles sur Ource Celles sur Ource

Carte Champagne Gerbais

Our Vineyards

Great wines are made with the passage of time, giving roots the opportunity to reach down and seek out the subtleties in the soil. It is therefore natural that our champagnes are from older vines, having an average life span of thirty years, and in the case of our oldest vines, lasting over a century.

Our Vineyards Our Vineyards Our Vineyards

Les Parcelles
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Celles sur Ource Pierre Gerbais Pierre Gerbais

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